Who is Tomislav Paunkovic

Tom Paun, born on July 15 1952 in Knjazevac, Serbia as Tomislav Paunkovic. From  a young age he nurtured his keen interest and passion in painting and he completed his first oil paintings by the early age of 16 years. A few years later his first exhibition in Ljublijana – Dom Ina - followed. His parents have always supported him and thanks to them he began his educational career in 1973 with the commencement of his studies  at the Academy of art in Belgrade. He studied to be a painter where the old Flemish and Dutch masters served as his example. His biggest influence  is Rembrandt van Rijn, with whom he shares the same birth date almost 350 years later.  

During the first years after his studies, he worked in Serbia as Restorer of Icons and Frescoes in various Serbian churches. In 1979 he discovered Jungholz (Tirol) for the first time. He prefers to paint/work in a small “Studio”. During the intervening years he also made study trips to France, Italy and The Netherlands.   

Since 1990 he has been working as a freelance artist,as a Member of the BBK (Berufsverband Bildende Kunstler). His work has not gone unnoticed and he has exhibited in many countries since, namely Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the former (East) European countries.   Since 1995, Tomislav also participated at ZA-ART Art forum International, Serbia and Switzerland. The latest accolade he has received was the Johann-Georg-Grimm Prize in the framework of the "Südliche" in 2010.