To describe my work I would like to quote some renowned art critics.

Renate Gross, KUNST-aktuell, Nürnberg.

Tomislav Paunkovic lives consciously in his surroundings, sees the everyday objects and processes them in his paintings. The old fruit, the fresh fruits of the new crop, the oil lamp which throws its surroundings into light and shadow. In his recordings from reality we notice the transience of things, despite the realistic painting mode.

Mag. Sabine Schuchter

Manager  “Museum im Ballhaus” (Imst/Tirol)

The Series „Fruchte im Licht“ (Fruit in Light) is not only impressive because of its sobriety. The Painter’s goal is to draw attention to the small not daily details on everyday objects. He created new ways for the school of the Dutch old masters.

The immense surrealistic fruits are placed on an unknown black background, and are illuminated  by a strong beam of light. A simple wooden shell presents the objects.


My summer

Fruits in
the light



Inspired by the old masters

My memories